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Unlocking the Future of Business: Insights and Innovations from Mountainise.

Asana, a leading provider of project management software, undertook a significant project to recalibrate its trial pipeline, which had experienced a dip in revenue. This case study explores the detailed process that Asana followed to understand the issue, redesign the trial pipeline, and ultimately improve their conversion rates and sales efficiency.

Crownpeak is a provider of digital experience management solutions and it offers multiple products to help businesses manage their digital presence. The company's range of services, called "product service interest," is designed to meet the varying needs of its clients. Despite this comprehensive suite, Crownpeak faced challenges in maximizing engagement with leads once they turned into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

Envase Technology is a diversified organization with multiple sub-units and business segments. They were facing operational issues because of the marketing and sales automation tools they had in use. The company has deployed HubSpot, which is set up for marketing across the different segments in a disjointed setup. It caused inefficiencies with huge operational issues.

In the modern world of customer service and sales, there is a trend where companies look at deploying new technologies with the intent to coach their sales team better and to improve sales. This case study discusses the implementation of Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI) by a leading company, DMI, within Salesforce with media provider RingCentral in order to inform sales strategy, team performance, and more.

Labelbox, a leader in data labeling and machine learning, encountered issues with process optimization and stack management that affected data flow, system efficiency, and revenue attribution. This case study explores the detailed steps taken to analyze, diagnose, and fix these issues through partnership with experts to streamline their operations and improve their technology stack.


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