A properly set up CRM software is a gateway to higher lifetime values and returning clientele.

Saving Grace ... or Nightmare?

How a CRM setup and management can make or break an organization’s retentions and churn rates?

With over 15 years in CRM implementations and consultations, we’ve witnessed these common challenges in businesses of all sizes:

  • What CRM would be a best fit?
  • Where to start before a CRM implementation?
  • How to migrate an existing CRM into a new one?
  • Data cleanup and importing
  • Automation for Marketing, Sales, and support
  • Reporting and dashboarding
  • Custom development for customized experience
  • Duplicate management
  • Distinguishing between the duties of your IT team and the role of an architect
  • Complicated external integrations for marketing, billing, sales quotes, activity tracking, and more

Not sure where to begin?
Contact Mountainise!

Mountainise Team specializes in Salesforce and HubSpot as our primary CRM tools of choice. We also have vast experience with, Zoho, and Apollo.

Enhance your sales cycles with CRM implementation now and get CRM consultant to fix your problem.

Here are some tools to help your business in the journey:

How to choose which CRM is right for your business?

Identify needs, compare features, assess scalability, and evaluate integration capabilities for the best CRM choice.

All things Salesforce

Explore Salesforce's industry-specific solutions, automated marketing, and advanced analytics for business transformation.

All things Hubspot

Discover HubSpot's seamless integration, user-friendly interface, and scalable marketing and sales tools.

New CRM Implementation

Implement your new CRM with clear objectives, thorough planning, and comprehensive team training.

Existing CRM Enhancements and integrations

Enhance your CRM with new features, third-party integrations, and regular updates for efficiency.

Merging or moving CRMs

Plan carefully for CRM migration to ensure data integrity and minimal downtime.


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