CRM Implementation & Enhancements

A properly set up CRM can help your team build better relationships

Saving Grace ... or Nightmare?

How a CRM setup and management can make or break an organization

With over 15 years of CRM implementation, enhancement, and
management services, we’ve seen these common challenges from
businesses of all sizes:

  • Choosing a CRM that is correct for your business
  • Knowing where to start before implementing a new CRM
  • How to merge in new business units to your CRM
  • Data cleanup and importing
  • Workflow setups for Marketing, Sales, and support
  • Report and dashboard building
  • Custom coding to fit your needs
  • Automating as much as possible so the CRM is working for you, not the other way around
  • Duplicate management
  • Understanding what your administrator or IT team can handle and what needs expert help
  • Sales and support rules of engagement and process building
  • Complicated external integrations for marketing, billing, sales quotes, activity tracking, and more

Not sure where to start? Contact Mountainise!

The Mountainise Team specializes in Salesforce and HubSpot as our primary CRMs of choice. We also have vast experience with, Zoho, and Apollo.

Here are some tools to help your business in the journey:

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