Digital Transformation of a Global Logistic Software Company: A Case Study

Explore the intricate challenges of a global logistics software company, navigating product complexities and tech disparities, striving for seamless integration and customer experience.

The path to digital transformation is not always straightforward, especially for a global shipping company grappling with multiple acquisitions, a varied product range, and diverse tech systems. This case explores the complexities faced by such a company in its quest to streamline sales, marketing, and revenue functions.

Background Snapshot:

  • Acquisitions & Growth: Multiple acquisitions, culminating in an acquisition by a more extensive group.
  • Product Complexity: An array of offerings like container services, drayage, and additional features.

Key Problem: The company juggled between HubSpot for certain sales and marketing functions and Salesforce for others, resulting in a disjointed user experience. The dilemma? Customers encountered a convoluted process when seeking support or exploring further opportunities. The goal was clear – integrate and simplify without dismantling both systems.

Approach Overview:

  • Discovery Phase: A deep dive into the company’s operations spanning Australia, Singapore, and the U.S. aimed to pinpoint areas for enhancement without suggesting a complete system overhaul.
  • Implementation: Still in progress, this phase focuses on integrating the two platforms, enhancing the user experience, and boosting sales and marketing efficiency.

Stay tuned for the detailed results and implications that will shed light on the success and challenges of this transformative journey.

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