Digital Transformation of Darussalam: A Case Study

Dive into Darussalam’s digital transformation journey as they combat unauthorized content uploads, maintaining brand identity and monetization in an increasingly digital age.

In the digital era, Darussalam, a leading Islamic publishing house based in Saudi Arabia, faced a formidable challenge. Their content, revered by many, had been uploaded by third parties, leading to brand dilution and difficulties in monetization. The case at hand presents the journey of Darussalam’s digital evolution.

The core challenge? Transition from traditional book publishing to a robust digital platform while wrestling with unauthorized copies already saturating the online landscape. It wasn’t just about digitization – it was about retaining control, brand identity, and most importantly, monetization in a digital realm.

Key Points of the Case Study:

  • Problem: Unauthorized online uploads posed brand recognition and monetization issues.
  • Approach: A trifecta strategy – Develop an integrated e-commerce system for global operations, launch engaging mobile applications, and provide a unified experience across various platforms.
  • Results: Successful digital transformation with control over brand content, a strong online presence, and effective monetization.

Learn how a holistic approach, beyond mere digitization, paved the way for Darussalam’s successful foray into the digital world.

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